Jennifer Lawrence Gets Slammed For Rude

Jennifer Lawrence.

The actress came to the rescue of the young woman, criticized for her attitude during a press conference after the Golden Globes.

Jennifer Lawrence  Press Conference.

For media attacks, Anne Hathaway knows and it is quite natural that the Oscar-winning actress (Les Miserables) took the defence of another actress that the Oscars love also, Jennifer Lawrence. It has hit the headlines because of her reaction to a reporter at the press conference post-Golden Globes, after winning the award for best actress in a comedy (Joy). She was accused of having humiliated a reporter for free.

Jennifer Lawrence Slammed For Being Rude.

On his Facebook profile, Anne Hathaway wrote on 15 January: “Dear Internet, it is now clear that critics after the ‘reprimands’ Jennifer Lawrence have been outputs from their context and made of caustic humor with a journalist who used his phone to actually take pictures of it.” Stop this sad and too usual practice to speak of people – especially women – just to belittle them slyly when one has the impression that they have skidded. “Jennifer is beautiful, talented, she has success, is popular and it is a young woman named four times to the OSCARS.” A publication that it ends by writing: “do not punish for these things. Well to you.

Jennifer Lawrence Golden Globes.

Jennifer Lawrence had resumed in the Newsroom of the Golden Globes a journalist whose eyes remained glued on his smart phone when he asked her questions. She had interrupted him twice, first telling him: “You cannot spend your life behind your phone.” Then responded, after he spoke of the Oscars: “we are at the Golden Globes here. If you put your phone out, you know.” The actress appeared very dry and has not spared those who addressed to it – less comfortable to spoken than the movie star. After this Exchange, the canvas is inflamed and the attitude of the young woman was shown the finger, accused of being pretentious and poorly high.



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