Jen Selter Became An Instagram Star

Jen Selter.

Her name or her face say you perhaps nothing and yet this American girl account more than 8 million followers on her Instagram. It is Jen Selter, 22 years, and sacred most beautiful body of the world on social networks.

Through daily workouts, the sublime is carved a silhouette of the dream and it became a real star in the United States! Even Rihanna is fan!

Jen Selter Workout.

One that has decided to stop the studies to dedicate her to the gym began to post her photos in 2012. The popularity of her shots often very hot is such that it allows it to be powered from the influential agrameurses in the field of fitness. Naturally, the collaborations with brands are not slow to fall.

“These partnerships relate me more money that a degree could never have”, had even declared the pretty in the New York Post newspaper a few months ago. That is inspiring and that shall never publish hot pictures wants to encourage young women to take care of their bodies.

Invited the largest plateau TV as The View or even the very popular show Good Morning America, Jen Selter is a star and reveals every day her flawless body. In lingerie, swimsuit bath or sportswear, this healthy girl became the fantasy of millions of fans! And to see, we understand why!


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