Cara Delevingne Life’s Worst Moments

Cara Delevingne.

International supermodel has made a very nice tribute to actor Alan Rickman on behalf Instagram.

Alan Rickman Death.

That has not been affected by the disappearance of the British actor? One who embodied the Professor Severus Rogue in the saga to success Harry Potter is sadly passed away at the age of 69 of the aftermath of his cancer on January 14. And the career of the actor was hailed by many celebrities. Indeed, many stars wanted to pay tribute to that party too early. This is the case of the supermodel international the most fashionable of the moment. And Cara Delevingne, who often posts hilarious selfies, hadn’t the heart to laugh today. Beautiful has posted a very nice photo of Alan Rickman on behalf Instagram and a very nice tribute to him. A way for her to share her sadness with her fans.


On the social network of the star, we therefore view this shot while sobriety. It is on a black background that appears the English actor died yesterday. This moving picture is accompanied by a quote from Alan that translated into french gives “if only life could be a little bit softer and a little more robust art. A sentence that moves the star who has captioned its post of a “RIP Alan Rickman’ with multiple cores. Cara Delevingne, who reportedly arrested fashion to devote her to cinema seems to be very touched by this tragedy. Of course, in the grief of the manikin and also all its condolences. And you, are you going to pay tribute to Alan Rickman as Cara Delevingne?


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